Friday, 26 March 2021


Hi everyone, 

I have just put out a new video but haven't had the time to really let anyone know about it. So here it is below, its for the song West Coast Winter Blues off my third full-length album entitled Jut Pride. 

Download the studio version here:

Download the 3rd Matt Vend album here:

I suppose I have already written about what this song is about so I will leave two articles below from when I freelanced for a publication called Mahala:

Enjoy the video:

I am also playing a live show on the 3rd of April at Ace's Pizza and Bar at Alliance Française de Durban.

You can make a booking for the show by emailing me directly at

Space is limited and there are only 50 presale tickets available at R50. 

The venue is also running a special on the night, R150 which includes a margarita pizza and a glass of wine. 

If the 50 presale tickets get sold out, there will be an additional 20 seats available at the venue on the night for R60.

You can also book directly with the venue at 

Click attending on Facebook and invite your friends:

Saturday, 13 March 2021


MATT VEND - MUSICIAN AND WRITER: BEDROOM SPACE ODYSSEY: I can’t really pinpoint the exact influences of this song. However, the initial idea more than likely stemmed from loud brashly South Africa...

Thursday, 11 March 2021


I can’t really pinpoint the exact influences of this song. However, the initial idea more than likely stemmed from loud brashly South African electronic, urban, music which filtered into my psyche: just from wandering around Durban. In my alone time during this period, I was probably listening to a lot of New Order

Listen to my cover of New Order's Restless:

Then South Africa’s elusive Felix Laband was also doing the rounds in some of these music listening sessions. So I basically had this idea of merging what I thought would sound like a cross between New Order and Felix Laband with a sprinkling of gqom.

The result sounds nothing like New Order or Felix Laband or even gqom for that matter, yet it’s something. A psychedelic kaleidoscope of noisy guitars and droning synthesizers. I have performed this track only twice live and both times I received an interesting response. 

On the second occasion I was playing at The Winston Pub, the show was surprisingly full and a fair amount of revelers were at the front enjoying my aggressive approach to acoustic music. I decided to spring this one on them and within minutes the front of the house was cleared, however, I noticed two pockets of people really feeling the song. It was my last track and the first pocket of people, disheveled and shoe-less came rushing to the stage after the performance and told me that the song I had just performed was a trance song and that they were very impressed by the guitar.

The second pocket was hip hop heads at the back and they gleefully told me how I had in fact pulled off a live guitar-driven trap song. The bulk of the crowd by now was disinterested and in the beer garden drinking and smoking cigarettes. 

Download the studio version here:

Thanks for watching 



Thursday, 4 March 2021


I would write some kind of blurb for my new rough around the edges, live video for my lowbrow, electronic track, "The Van Gogh of Rock 'n Roll", however, I already wrote a fairly extensive blog sometime back revolving around this very song. Read the full blog here

You can also download the studio version for 1 dollar if you're feeling generous:

The Van Gogh of Rock 'n Roll live video:

It's also Friday so I thought I'd just leave this here for good measure:



Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Live Video and new track out now - The 26th of May


This song is only 4 chords with no chorus to speak of, it’s extremely simple, and the lyrical approach is what makes the song unique. As it really is nothing more than a paragraph I wrote while riding on the sky train through Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. A diary entry, a random captured moment, weaved into a poem for the sake of a song.

Looking back on the writing process, now in quiet reflection. In a subconscious way, I was inspired by The Jam’s classic 1980 hit, “That’s Entertainment” where songwriter Paul Weller absorbs whatever subject matter he can see in his peripheral and merely puts pen to paper. The result is quite magical and “That’s Entertainment” in my opinion is up there with any great pop song released in the ’80s.

Even though my arrangement and playing style is completely removed from The Jam’s classic minimal poetic homage to dreary Thatcher-era London. I feel in some strange way I was channeling the stream of consciousness nature of this timeless track.

I was consumed by work while staying in Bangkok and never found much time to play guitar. Yet in the long hours in between class waiting to teach at an extremely daunting public school, I found time to write and I wrote whenever I could. Since returning to South Africa, during one of the most turbulent times in modern history, I suddenly found myself with numerous other commitments, yet within these perimeters I also found my guitar lying among a pile of clothes.

I picked it up and strummed away while looking through some of the poems and paragraphs I had been scribing into a notebook on my recent sojourn abroad. I slowly started to make sense of the images and reflective feelings I had put onto paper.

I have often been an artist who has neglected the marketing side of making art and when I completed this track in a studio format, I felt I wanted to do something more with it than just put it up on Soundcloud as a single for it to eventually be considered for a future album. Just to be lost in an endless sea of Spotify playlists and Bandcamp amnesty days.

So on a lonely Sunday morning in Durban, I decided to do nothing more than plug one condenser mic into my recording desk just to record a dry take of guitar and vocals live while I recorded video using my webcam on my laptop, so I could later splice the audio with the video and release it as an accompaniment to promote my new song. I noticed the additional recording from the video recording sounded thin and the condenser mic recording sounded equally as thin and didn’t add much, the experiment had failed.

However, I did do something right in the performance aspect and it was perfectly in time to the video so the audio linked up with minimal effort. I looked down at my mixing desk and noticed 5 other channels, so I just went for it and started picking up whatever I could find, the washboard met my hands first and I sang backups as I played the aluminum cleaning utensil with a screwdriver.

I wanted to capture as much of a live feeling as possible, so I purposely worked quickly turning the monitors around as if to mimic a live show, purposefully using bleed from the speakers and the natural room sound. Finally, I added some overdub harmonicas, organ, and more guitar and the result was quite distinctive. As mentioned I have limited editing software for video on my laptop, so a friend of mine with video editing knowledge put the audio and video together and did the final editing, post-production, and added the lyrics. I think the result is pretty original and I hope to do more of these bedroom videos soon.

Hope you enjoy watching it.




Artist: Matt Vend and the Tender Ten

Song: The 27th of May (sky train ramble)

All music and lyrics by Matt Vend, guitar and vocals performed live, with overdubs by Matt which include vocals, harmonica, washboard, and organ.

Filmed by Matt using his laptop web camera,

Post-production and video editing by Alexandre Marrier DUnienville

Download and stream the studio version here:



This city sprawls,

And makes other places,

I have been to,

Seem like:

Dusty villages, backwater towns, and lonely outposts in the desert.


Monstrous buildings,

Shimmer from aluminum windows,

Fake gold furnishings,

Grotesque, beautiful.

A shining example,

Of capitalism, juxtaposed

With grimy street fighting.


Opulence and survival,

Attractive women,

And lonely, longing, drooling men

Searching for companionship,


Searching for a paycheck…


All my old haunts have shut down.

Now they just haunt my sub-consciousness. 

Feeding my retinas,

With Déjà vu and nostalgia.


Street art, street life, jungle.

The Wats and vacant lots.

Dilapidated shacks,

Rack and ruin,

Perfectly in tune with the chaos.


Everything here has a life of its own

Everything here, oh everything here,

Everything here has a life of its own.

Monday, 20 January 2020

The Van Gogh of Rock 'n Roll

The Van Gogh of rock ‘n roll (Twisted Vanity):

Song meaning:
In this digital age as a singer/songwriter or creative of any kind its extremely easy to lose touch of what is important and get caught up in the narcissistic and frivolous, vacuous pit that is the internet. It’s hard when your creative efforts get compared with how many people clicked on a link or how viral you’re latest single or video went on Soundcloud or Youtube. I’ve literally had other musicians say to me “you know Matt you don’t get booked for the big gigs because you don’t market yourself enough, you don’t have a big enough presence online, you’re a good songwriter but just work on your marketing a bit more”. These kinds of sentiments drive me to near insanity where I constantly tell myself "I am an artist, not an Instagram model". Then in my descent into creative madness, I have two choices give up or go into a frenzied crazed, creative binge, where I write and write and write, regardless of whether anyone will actually listen or ever hear the songs I have just written. I take huge inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh during these times, he is by far my favourite artist and I think his story is strangely compelling for anyone who feels lost in a digital sea. Even though he never sold a painting in his own life, he went on to be considered a pioneer and innovative voice in the art world. Yes, his story is tragic but the world only saw his brilliance in death. So the narcissist in me says, “Maybe I’ll be the Van Gogh of rock ‘n roll, maybe these songs aren’t absolute crap and maybe people will actually listen to them once I’m dead”. Then I realise that this is just the ego playing tricks on me, because archiving our existence really does mean very little in this day and age, where if things carry on the way they are, we will all be swallowed by the ocean in the next coming years, so honestly, “why should I even care at all” because everything we created will be lost at the bottom of the ocean anyway. Maybe it’s quite a nihilistic message, but at least I know I will carry on writing songs come hell or high water, even in the face of coming ecological suffering and the apocalypse.
A subtle word
A subtle verse
I am quiet and alone
My voice doesn’t resonate, as loudly as yours
Because I never studied, the algorithms
I never grasped or wanted to understand the ways of the internet
My narcissism makes me hope
Hope that one day I will be the Van Gogh of rock ‘n roll
My songs and words will only be heard long after I am gone
A hopeless forgotten song
Of longing and sweet vanity
I’m blue and eating paint
Did I get the message wrong?
Am I way too late?
My medium is destroying me
But I will endure, I will endure
Death the only cure for this sadness
We are nothing
In relation to the universe, the stars, the sun, the moon
So why do we create or even care at all?
Even care at all, even call at all…
Archive, archive, I hope to stay alive long after I am dead.
But I know that it’s just vanity, vanity, some kind of twisted insanity, insanity
The sea will swallow everything we built
The sea will swallow everything we built
Including the stories we told
Including the stories we told
The poems, recordings, paintings, and drawings
The poems, recordings, paintings, and drawings
Will be forgotten with the death of humanity
Will be forgotten with the death of humanity
It’s all just vanity
So why do I care at all?
The sea will swallow
The oceans will swallow
And wash away the remnants
Everything we built
Will be swallowed by the ocean, the sea, washing down the river, see
Everything we built will be swallowed by the sea
Washing down the rivers, swallowed by the ocean